Pamela A. MacBean



Over waters sparkling like peach wine,
a golden areola claimed a white striated sky
as we swayed upon a hidden inlet in our green canoe;
waves gently lapping our body of emotions
like a flaxen wild lioness washing love upon her cub.

With maternal capillaries flowing from
engorged mountain mammaries,
misty clouds ringing silver sparkled peaks,
this teeming amniotic fluid of the deep womb of the pool
trembled with life beneath us as we quietly
perceived wonders widespread around each curve.

A lonely call caught our breath and as we turned,
a loon couple dancing on rippling rhythms
drifted beside us; a tiny baby clung to the female's back
within dark feathers, eventually blending into the
nuzzling touch of soft water, disappearing into
a nurturing cove as the setting sun
wove damask upon the surface.

As we paddled toward reed-spiked shallows,
driftwood strewn beach, I reflected on beginnings;
how deep within we miss that rocking start
as we floated in our tiny sea
beside the beating of a mother's heart.



Speak my name in a whisper, my husband.
Paint me an prismatic ribbon of shimmering hues
to brighten this drizzly days' misty curtain
as we agonize over birth, death mysteries.

Walk with me, my husband
in our November brown field
past a crab apple tree -
white lichen mutating limbs
into reeds of skeletal coral -
a beauty even in decay.

Stepping upon spongy, soft moss,
slowly disintegrating rocks into earth;
an alteration into a beginning.

The swollen brook somehow smooths my soul
with its' constant cadence, hindering tears
from plunging into a turbulent cascade of whys.

Your brother's newborn -
alive twenty-five minutes.



Copyright 2007 Pam MacBean

All Rights Reserved


Pamela A. MacBean lives in Northern New Hampshire.  She's been writing poetry since a young girl and has always felt close to nature; the woods, the streams, the animals.  A chapbook titled "Postscripts in Time" can be purchased at  Recently she's been published in Issue 15, Ancient Paths Literary Journal, Small Brushes, Agua Terra an anthology by Ascent Aspirations, and upcoming in the spring issue of Ascent Aspirations and Skyline Magazine.  She has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize.


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