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Poetry by

Patricia Kelly



The red ball you chased across
the long green lawn of your youth
plunged each time off a cliff
and you blindly after it,
a heap of hieroglyphic bones.

They are knitted now, those bones.
Their fracture lines knotted
into finest filigree.

Their labyrinthine patterns
invade your dreams nightly,
tattoos breathing
on a sailor's impending chest.




Should I wax caustic,
brandishing my pen
like a sickle,
blame it on the Moon.

Should I wield my self-pity
like a bludgeon,
blame it on the Moon as well.

And should I howl with rage
at the bite of love’s silver bullet,
blame it also on the Moon,

this gravid light
whose subtle passage
tugs at the ragged edges
of my reason.

Later, later, will I cry
over lost wildness
and disappear into violet dreams,
sighing softly.


Copyright 2006 Patricia Kelly

All Rights Reserved


63 year-old Patricia has been writing poetry since her teens and was involved
with the New York City poetry scene for over 25 years. Her poetry has won first place
prizes from The Feminist Writers Guild and The New York Open Center Goddess Festival. 
She has taught creative writing at locations like The Manhattan Lighthouse for the Blind
and the Brooklyn Public Library Children’s Room.  Patricia’s blog, “Roswila’s Dream &
Poetry Realm” (, explores dreams and poetry. Her
other blog, “Roswila’s Tarot Gallery & Journal” (
explores Tarot, including it’s use with and appearance in dreams, and an occasional
Tarot-based poem.

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