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Poetry by

Peter Magliocco




You spoke of endless tetherings of desire
inhabiting the spectrum of human souls
our obsession with sex rendered obsolete
Like a sun in a universe of dying orange
where some welder tried to fuse beauty with art
but crafted only the meltdown of longing
In your symbolist eyes where nature sang
about that long history of deception
Rothko opened his eyes to crimson truth
Outside his window swallows darted
across a legacy of bruised sky
covering his heart like a color field


Copyright 2006 Peter Magliocco

All Rights Reserved


PETER MAGLIOCCO, writer/artist/editor, was  raised in Southern California but has spent over 20 years editing the  underground lit-zine, ART:MAG, out of Las Vegas, Nevada. His bio appears in the  Marquis' Who's Who In America, 2004-06 ... Known as The Mag  Man in small press circles, his futuristic novel, Nu-Evermore, appeared in 2002 -- also later as an ebook -- via Trafford  Publishing (in cooperation with his own Limited Editions Press)  ...  Another novel, Hiawatha Rocks, was published by Airleaf  (_www.airleaf.com_ ( ), with a book of poetry  & art, Ex Literotica, in '06 from Publish America (_www.publishamerica.com_ ( ).



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