Writers Guidelines & Submission  information for Literary House Story and Poetry Submissions

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We accept thought provoking fiction and non fiction stories of up to 5000 words.

Poetry can be of any length and format.

We accept simultaneous submissions. Please be advised that if accepted for online publication,
your story or poem will remain on Literary House web site archives.

What Literary House Editors look for:

Meaningful stories with interesting openings, to hold reader attention past the first paragraph or two.

We seek stories containing strong plots and lively characters who speak to us through
realistic dialogue ( monologue/narrative is lovely but a sufficient amount of engaging dialogue is a necessity. )

Walk us 'into' your story - take us on the journey you have created for us - that wonderful escape where we may linger - so that we may be left thinking about the beginning, middle and end of your wonderful story. 

In short, please send us intelligent, intellectual, memorable stories of substance. 


**Submit FINAL PRINT READY manuscripts.  Fiction and poetry will be printed "AS IS" so please be certain you're happy with your files

before you submit them to us.

Poems may be of any length and format.  We want to experience every emotion possible to the human heart and soul.  Leave us breathless and fulfilled.

No spacey sci fi, fantasy, giddy or gothic romance.  No bloody horror.  Literary House is a platform for the  perfection of the serious writer - a stepping stone to one of the most prestigious nominations a writer can receive, Pushcart Press Nomination.

We encourage established and new, unpublished writers.

You may send poems of any length, style and format.

Submit fiction and non fiction, up to 5000 words **
in BLOCK format without tabs or indents.  Skip a space between paragraphs and we will insert the tabs, complete the formatting and send the story back to you on a pdf file for approval.  This is important, as we cannot always remove document formatting/tabs, which interferes with our document programs.  Please do not send us formatted texts.  When typing, do not hit hard returns, but rather use word flow at the end of each line.


LHR reserves the right to correct grammar and sentence structure, offer editorial suggestions, but will not re-write a story. 


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By submitting, you are giving your permission to Literary House Review, Skyline Review or Hudson View Poetry Digest to print all or part of your submission (literary and/or artwork) in our books.


Submit Stories and Poetry

All submissions should include a concise synopsis of your story, full name and contact email address.  Please include a 75 word third person bio that is ready for print.

Any questions can be addressed to LiteraryHouse@aol.com

Welcome to Literary House. Thank you!

A note for contributors: We are unable to offer contributor copies but your stories and poetry will find its way around the world into some of the finest literary circles. Our list of public libraries and prestigious college libraries requesting our books is growing and includes the New York Public Library, University of Wisconsin Madison Library, Rockefeller Library @ Brown University in Rhode Island, John A. Logan Library in Illinois and copies are contributed to the Poet's House in NYC. We hope you are comfortable with promotion as our thank you for being a part of our growing community.

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Literary House is an annual review of engaging stories and brilliant poetry intended for Pushcart Prize Nomination